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Ohlson Psychological Services
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You have experienced hypnosis many times. Remember the last time you were in a boring meeting and suddenly realized that you were day dreaming
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What is Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis?
You have experienced hypnosis many times. Remember the last time you were in a boring meeting and suddenly realized that you were day dreaming about something pleasant and had not noticed a thing going on around you? You were in hypnosis. If you had been able to videotape yourself, you would later observe that you had become deeply relaxed, but you had not gone to sleep! Hypnosis is not sleep. You are deeply relaxed, maybe very alert, but you have entered a "different " state of consciousness.

When you invite yourself to go into this relaxed state of mind and body, it is believed that your conscious, critical mind is suspended and your unconscious mind is open to receiving suggestions. These suggestions are sort of "written" or embedded in your unconscious mind and you may be able to act upon them later. This is called post-hypnotic suggestion and it is a powerful agent for change in your life.

There are basically three ways to get into the hypnotic state. You may enter hypnosis spontaneously when you slip into daydreaming or develop "highway hypnosis" while driving at night. Or you may have an Operator or Hypnotist give you suggestions that you can decide to follow. Most people are more familiar with this method because it has been popularized in the movies or on stage. The third method of entering the hypnotic state is to give yourself suggestions.
This is called self-hypnosis

In the self-help programs on this website, I will give you suggestions which you can memorize and repeat to yourself. You will use the power of self-hypnosis and imagery to make changes in your life. You will notice in these programs that I talk more about relaxation than about hypnosis. But this self-hypnotic relaxation is your greatest ally in your quest for change.


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