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The rise of HD video calling app

The rise of HD video calling app
One of the many consequences of the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic is the increase in the popularity of video calling apps.

One of the many consequences of the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic is the increase in the popularity of video calling apps. An hd video calling app such as NEEO messenger is now higher in demand and worth than it has ever been before. Apps like these are the safest way of communication. Because leaving your home is such a fatal liability, the world has stated to shift is focus towards alternative means to communication. While some tasks can be achieved via emails and chat messages, video calls are an indispensable resource. Many companies are jumping on this bandwagon and now function entirely on video conferences. this is especially prevalent in the education industry. Schools, colleges and universities have reformed their curriculums to make their courses solely online based.

Before the pandemic   

In the pre pandemic era, an hd video calling app was a popular means for people to communicate over long distance. Businesses would use these apps for conducting overseas meetings and interviews. Their main audience was people trying to stay in touch with their friends and loved ones. Because face to face interactions were still safe and considered more engaging, there was limited use of these features. The world was only just beginning to tap into the potential of online distance learning. These options were considered secondary and not as authentic as being physically present somewhere. Going out was still an option and more often than not, preferred over the alternative.

During the pandemic

COVID-19 hit the world at an unexpected rate and within months people all over the world were forced to stay indoors for an indefinite amount of time. This had a major impact on only on individual lives but every industry out there. While some of them collapsed, others struggled to adjust to this drastic new circumstance. This is where apps like NEEO messenger rose to the occasion and took over the global demand for a communication alternative. Now that people can no longer leave their homes without risking their lives, there is a limited few ways to keep things afloat. Most business are now carried out remotely and in order to do so, they have resorted to various online methods of communications. Video calls being the most effective and popular one. This is due to the fact that it is probably the next best thing to a fact to fact interaction. It emulated the real life experience and is as close as we can get to safely seeing another human being. The education industry, which previously did not give due credit to online studies had now completely shifted in that direction.

After the pandemic

It is hard to say what the world will look like when all this is over. We can predict possibilities but you can never be certain what the future holds. If you go in the past and tell yourself how the world is currently functioning, your past self will deem you a mad man. If anything, we have realized the unpredictable nature of the future. The only thing we can say for certain is that the world will be vastly different than any possibility that we had ever envisioned before. From market trends to social norms, everything will have evolved. Because of this sudden conversion to online industry, it is now evident that a lot more jobs can be done remotely than we thought of before. This may open the opportunity of distance employment for people all over the world. Moreover, the boost that online industries have received over this time will help them be more prevalent and may even dominate their respective areas. Many institutions may choose to keep their online programs and further develop in that direction. This will also mean that online degrees will have more credibility.

            The world we knew is gone and nothing will ever be the same again. But we as human being have always rose to the occasion like we did this time and managed to evolve. We are in a time and place where we are well equipped to survive. Had this pandemic hit just a few decades ago, before we developed the technologies we have today, the global market would not have survived. It is hard to tell how devastating the impact would have been then, but we certainly would not have been well equipped to handle it. Global markets would have crashed due to lack of alternatives and many more lives would have been lost. But in the present, we have found ways to persist and to rise above the catastrophe.

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