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How to Prevent Kidney Failure
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How to Prevent Kidney Failure
Kidney failure can be prevented with proper and timely treatment. Ayurveda gives a permanent cure for the disease with no side effects.

In this fast-moving world, we face numerous changes in our lifestyle, expectations for our desires, and others, due to which numerous diseases have captured people. One of them is kidney failure. The number of cases of kidney disease is rapidly increasing day by day.

Kidneys are essential organs. They are fundamentally answerable for the excretion of byproducts, an abundance of water, and different impurities from the blood. These destructive poisons are put away in the bladder and afterward eliminated during the urine.

In this article, we try to cover all the topics related to how to prevent kidney failure:

  1. What is kidney failure?
  2. Types of Kidney Failure
  3. What are the reasons for acute kidney failure?
  4. What are the reasons for chronic kidney failure?

. Prevention of chronic kidney disease

5. What can help to keep kidneys healthy?

. Make a habit of healthy food choices.

. Various tips for making healthy food choices:

. Include physical activity in your daily routine

. Aim to maintain a healthy body weight

. Get enough sleep

. Quit smoking

. Limit alcohol intake

6. Manage diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease

7. Is there a treatment for kidney failure?

8. If you’re facing kidney failure, then what to expect?

9. The best treatment of chronic kidney failure with ayurvedic remedies

Your kidneys can lose up to 90 percent of their function, and after that, they also do their job so well. Losing beyond that is kidney failure.

Kidney failure is classified into two types:

1) Acute kidney failure: In this, the kidney loses its ability to perform very suddenly. It’s usually reversible.

2) Chronic kidney failure: This type of kidney failure is a gradual loss of kidney function. Over some time, the kidney gets damaged.

What are the reasons for acute kidney failure?

Acute kidney failure occurs when something results in a sudden loss of kidney functioning. Certain causes are:

  • Kidney infection
  • Dehydration
  • Sudden blood loss
  • Low blood pressure
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Regular or overuse of painkillers

What are the reasons for chronic kidney failure?

Chronic kidney failure occurs when something slowly damages your kidneys. Certain causes include:

  • Diabetes
  • Autoimmune diseases like lupus nephritis
  • High blood pressure
  • Chronic kidney infection

Prevention of chronic kidney disease

A person is more likely to suffer from kidney disease if you are suffering from:

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • The genetic problem of kidney failure

What can help to keep kidneys healthy?

Kidneys can be protected by managing or preventing health conditions that result in kidney damage like diabetes and high blood pressure. Below are the steps that may help you to keep your body healthy, including your kidneys.

A regular inspection of kidneys under your healthcare provider must be done at least once a year. Early kidney disease may not have any indications. That is why getting tested may be the only way to know how your kidneys are working.

Make a habit of healthy food choices.

Foods that are healthy for your entire body should be consumed. Healthy foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and dairy products that are low fat or fat-free. Healthy meals should be consumed and cut down the salt intake and sugar. Daily intake of sodium should not exceed 2250 milligrams.

Various tips for making healthy food choices:

  • The food should be cooked with a mix of spices instead of salt.
  • If you are non-vegetarian, then try to eat baked or boiled chicken, meat instead of fried.
  • Choose foods that have less or no sugar.
  • Eat foods made from whole grains such as brown rice, oats, whole wheat, corn.
  • Always choose foods that are low in saturated fats, trans fats, salt, cholesterol, and sugar.

Include physical activity in your daily routine

Forty-five minutes of physical activity on most days helps to keep your body physically, mentally fit. Try to add more activities to your life.

Aim to maintain a healthy body weight

There are various tools and applications to help you to record your daily calories intake. If you are overweight and suffering from obesity, then work with a dietician to create a weight loss plan

Get enough sleep

A sound sleep consists of at least 6–8 hours each day if you face a problem in your sleeping cycle, then take proper treatment.

Quit smoking

If you are addicted to smoking or use other tobacco products, quit as soon as possible because smoking is the reason for many harmful diseases, and one of them is kidney disease.

Limit alcohol intake

Drinking too much alcohol results in an increase in your blood pressure and also leads to weight gain. Alcohol consumption is limited to a certain quantity for men and women.

Manage diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease

These three diseases are the most dangerous and significant reasons for kidney disease.

  1. Keep your blood sugar level close to your goal. Regular check on blood glucose or blood sugar level is necessary to prevent any further complications.
  2. Maintain your blood pressure level: The usual blood pressure range is below 140/90 mm Hg.
  3. Avoid regular use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs as they can damage your kidneys.
  4. Maintain cholesterol levels in the target range: High cholesterol levels are alarming for heart attacks and stroke. There are two types of cholesterol in your blood LDL and HDL. LDL, also called bad cholesterol, can block your blood vessels, which can ultimately cause a heart attack or stroke. On the other hand, HDL or good cholesterol helps remove the bad cholesterol from the blood vessels.

Is there a treatment for kidney failure?

For both types of kidney failure, treatments are available. Acute kidney failure can be reserved, and chronic kidney disease development can be slowed down with proper treatment.

If we talk about acute kidney failure, the problem is temporary. Your kidneys will work again when the problem has been cured. The treatment involves:

  • Antibiotics for kidney infection
  • Transfusion of blood loss
  • Removal of the particular obstruction
  • In case of dehydration, intravenous fluids are given.

Chronic kidney failure is caused due to progressive damage to the kidneys. Its treatment involves:

  1. Hemodialysis: In this, a dialysis machine filters your blood. This can be also done at home or at the hospital.
  2. Kidney transplant: In this method, a donor donates a kidney to the patient.

If you’re facing kidney failure, then what to expect?

Your expectations depend on the type of kidney failure.

If there is a case of chronic kidney failure, your kidneys can not be recovered, but the proper treatment can slow the progression down.

The best treatment of chronic kidney failure with ayurvedic remedies

The above-discussed treatments are not a permanent cure for kidney failure. Allopathic treatments are temporary and they can only increase the life of a patient for a certain period.

These treatments don’t assure the complete treatment of chronic kidney failure. Apart from Allopathic treatment, you can opt for Ayurveda for the therapy of kidney disorder. Ayurveda is well known for providing a complete cure for kidney diseases. With the help of Ayurvedic treatment, you can eliminate this disorder from its roots.

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